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BMW 3er

User: nick_angelov
Date added: 16:40 12/01/2017
Date updated: 16:40 12/01/2017
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Year: 2004
Type of engine: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Displacement Engine: 2993
Power ( hp ): 261
Color: silver/black top
Category: Coupe
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I am Nick and that is my slightly modified 330cd. I only have the hold boost @1.7bar on stock turbo and internals. The clutch plate is slighty modded and I've put ATE Ceramic and ATE PowerDisk at the front.

The cars has been great the last 50-60k kms, I've had it for, pushing 300k recently and returning great mileage while being plenty powerful and absofuckinglutely fun all the time.

Comment from anonymous at 22:54 / 2017-01-12

Look like good project ! +1 subscriber

Comment from kotenceto at 17:02 / 2017-01-12

Beastttt !!!

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Clutch plate update
18:53 12/01/2017    

The clutch plate ferodo has heavy duty one to handle the increased torque. Works excellent so far.

Front brakes update
18:34 12/01/2017    

Swapping to ATE Ceramic pads and ATE PowerDisk.

18:33 12/01/2017    

New maps altering boost pressure and fiel supply.