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Alfa Romeo 147

User: nick_angelov
Date added: 16:48 12/01/2017
Date updated: 16:48 12/01/2017
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Year: 2005
Type of engine: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Displacement Engine: 1910
Power ( hp ): 180
Color: black
Category: Hatchback
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This is my Alfa 147 1.9JTD Ti. It been boosted up and has bigger front intercooler. It is a great car and has some punch and should not be overlooked.

Comment from emo1992 at 17:00 / 2017-01-12

Nice car, bro

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18:32 12/01/2017    

New maps altering boost pressure and fiel supply.

Big front intercooler
18:31 12/01/2017    

Front mounter intercooler and new stainless steel piping.